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What’s a private Facebook profile?

What is about a private Facebook profile

As the world becomes more social, you can find almost every person on social networking sites. Especially Facebook is one of the social media networks used by billions. Facebook is a site where you get the opportunity to share everything like your pictures and feelings, with your friends. The problem arises when you have unknown people viewing your profile and personal photos. Therefore, to deal with such kinds of intruders’ Facebook has provided its users a feature lock Facebook profile by editing the Privacy settings.

So if you don’t want everyone to know what you are doing at all times, you can use this Facebook feature to set your Facebook profile private. It will help you keep your personal information hidden from other people who aren’t friends with you. And no one else can search for you on Facebook because your name won’t show up in any of their searches. This means that if you have any mutual friends, they won’t be able to see your profile when they search for you on Facebook. You will be able to enjoy the privacy of your own space on Facebook without worrying about anyone else seeing your activity. A private Facebook profile is a way to protect your private pictures against unwanted attention because it only allows those who are friends with you to see your posts, photos, comments, likes, etc.

Why do people lock their profiles on Facebook?

Just about everyone has a Facebook account. It is an easy and effective way for people to stay in touch yet remain private at the same time. Some want to maintain it for the same reason, yet others might want to keep hold of it private for various reasons. Reasons might change from state to state — but, in any case, what occurs is that a user wants to control what information (or photos) is shared with the world and who has access. And here are the most probable reasons why people make their Facebook profile private:

People don’t want to be judged.

Facebook is not just a social media site. It’s more than just a place to share information. It’s also a place to share your personal experiences and deal with (as much as possible) all forms of judgment and criticism. This duality is what makes Facebook so attractive to many users. However, not everyone shares this propensity. Some people are unwilling to share their struggles or fears with the entire world. And even if they do, they still want to prevent others from judging them.  You may have heard this before, but it’s true. When you share something personal on social media, you’re sharing it with everyone. Suppose you post a picture or video of yourself doing something embarrassing. Maybe you were bullied as a kid, or maybe you had a bad breakup. Maybe you’ve done something really stupid. Whatever it was, you probably don’t want the whole world to know about it. Making your profile private is one way of preventing people from seeing certain things.

Avoiding stalkers

Are you a little apprehensive about sharing personal photos and information about yourself on social media? When you use Facebook, you don’t always know who will show up at your house. All your extended family probably knows each other anyway. But what if some random person shows up on your doorstep? They could be a friend or family member, or they could be someone you don’t know at all. Maybe they’re a reporter, or they could be someone who wants to stalk you. You wouldn’t have any way of knowing that until it’s too late. Making your Facebook profile private can help prevent stalkers from showing up at your door.  Without your picture or profile all over the web, stalkers won’t be able to find you. And before they show up at your front door, they’ll have to go through some serious hoops to find out if you locked FB profile. Share exactly what you want to the world. Your Facebook account is yours. Don’t let anyone take it away from you.

Protecting privacy

Your Facebook profile contains a lot of personal information. You can control how much information you share or don’t share with other people.  So your privacy is very important. And if it makes you feel any better, most people don’t understand how important privacy really is. Facebook profile lock is a great way to keep your information safe. No one will be able to see everything that you do unless you permit them. Sometimes, you may want to share a funny story with your friend but don’t want them to see all of your pictures. Or,  you may want to keep your relationship status private. People want to know everything nowadays, and they want it all. Your privacy is your choice. If you create a locked profile, you can still use Facebook. The only difference is that other people won’t be able to see all of your information, such as your profile picture, your list of friends, and all that information you post on your wall.

Separate personal life from professional life

If you’re working at a company, you want to keep your personal life separate from your professional life, or maybe you just want to keep your dating history separate from your work colleagues. You may want to keep your social media profiles private. Your boss may want to see one part of your profile, but you don’t want to show your boss every status update. Keeping your personal life private makes it easier to focus on your career. You don’t want to worry about what might happen if you post something on your account that your boss finds inappropriate. And the worst part is that you don’t know what your boss will say or do. You have the freedom to decide what is private and what isn’t. But that doesn’t mean that you can use your Facebook account the way you would if it was public. For example, you can’t share private photos. And even if you do want to share your pictures with your friends, you can’t just go to the profile, click “Share”, and invite your friends to look at the photo. Instead, you must send the image directly to them. Facebook prohibits you from posting photos, videos, and personal info to your boss’ wall for privacy reasons. So, if you want to keep your personal life private, make sure that you have limited what you can see on your Facebook page.

Protect Identity

In the digital age, it’s possible to steal pictures, videos, and personal information. If someone wants to steal your identity, then all they have to do is look at your profile; they will know your real name, where you live, where you were born, and your parents’ names or anything else about you. Then they could use that information against you. That’s why, to keep your identity a secret, you can be certain that no one can see your personal stuff.

Moreover, when you make your Facebook profile private, it will also help you prevent identity theft. Identity theft happens when someone uses your personal details without permission and pretends to be you online. For example, let’s say you share photos of your last vacation with friends on Facebook. The problem is, if you add enough details like where you’re from or who you know, it makes it easy for someone else to identify you and use your identity for nefarious purposes.

Protect private information

Sometimes you don’t want your friends to know everything about you. For example, if you’re planning to go on a trip but do not want to let people know where you are going on a vacation. You may want to tell them that you’re leaving for an extended period of time. But you don’t want to tell them which city you’re going to visit. That’s just your personal info, and you don’t want your friends sharing it on social media. Whatever the reason, it’s nice to be able to make a complete profile lock. That means no one can see your vacation photos and your location unless you tell them. Privacy settings allow people to set how much information they want to share with their Facebook friends.

Being anonymous

You might want to keep your account private because you wish to be invisible. It is good to have a new experience and learn something new every time. Sometimes being invisible can also help you not be disrupted by others who do not know what they are doing since they cannot find out more about you. However, it is not unusual for others not to be concerned about your well-being. If your relatives see that your account is private, they will visit you. This may result in you explaining to them why you do not want them to see your account. Aside from that, others would be interested in knowing who you are due to your account being public.

How to view locked Facebook profiles with our Tool

This tool is developed for your ease and help, and it is very easy and simple to use. Without out any tricks or techniques, all you have to do is follow the given easy steps, and your work will be done:

Step 1

Sumit Facebook ID/URL

Step 2

Click the "View" Button

Step 3

Enjoy Result You Get!

So now, you know that how easy it is to utilize this tool and get your investigation done. So get to work and check all the people that have sent you requests on Facebook and find out are they worth adding to your friend list or not. It will be very easy to add or delete a friend request. Now, none of your friends or relatives will complain that you have not accepted their request.

What is about our Facebook Private Profile Viewer Tool?

Facebook Private Profile Viewer Online Tool

Every new thing in society has to face many hurdles and criticism with the development in technology and as there are many new software and online tools found on the social market. People often come across a tool that is fake or doesn’t work. But with our is different, it makes everyone so excited when using it. Our Facebook private profile viewer not only allows you to view locked profile pictures of private Facebook accounts, but also reveals all members and what they have posted in any private Facebook groups.

PrivateProfileViewer is an entirely legitimate tool that allows you to view all hidden information on Facebook, private profiles and private groups. It will gather all the information from the database of Facebook and will accomplish the given task. After undergoing several tests, many web critics have approved this tool, and thus, you must be confirmed that it will work. If you have second thoughts about using our tool, you should know that it’s completely safe and legal.

Why our Facebook Locked Profile Viewer tool was developed?

You might wonder what the reason behind the development of this tool was. So let me start with my own story. Last year, I went through my friend requests and found a very familiar name. I thought it was my friend, and therefore I clicked on the profile to confirm. Unfortunately, it had such strong privacy that all I could notice was a bunch of profile images, nothing else. I did not accept the request regarding my own privacy and in the fear that it might be a fake ID. At that very moment, this idea came into my mind. I thought how many of you were deprived of knowing whether the other person is worth sending a request or another stranger. So, having the idea in mind, I teamed up with other people, and the outcome was this remarkable tool. We have the vision of helping people connect with the help of this online tool. We have worked hard to make this tool applicable enough to fulfill the sole reason it was created in the first place.

How Facebook Private Profile Viewer tool was developed?

Having an idea is not going to make you succeed. Working hard with the right people on that idea will create something worth achieving. In order to achieve this goal and give this tool a face of reality following are the tasks we went through:

  • Collaborated with the best web developers and software developers
  • All the people of the team had ten years of experience in their regarded field.
  • We utilized special professional coding for the development of the tool.
  • At first, there were many errors in the prototype.
  • Soon we came up with our final product the online private Facebook profile revealing tool
  • We tested it several times to make sure that it worked properly.
  • Once assured that there is no issue in the designs and working of the tool, we presented it for the public to use and enjoy its benefits.

Developing such a tool was not easy, but we achieved our goal with hard work and dedication. Thus, we are looking forward to a positive review from the people who have utilized it for finding their friends. We hope that it will help you reach them.

What are the most benefits of our Facebook Locked Profile Viewer tool?

We often come across a profile and think that it is our friend or family member, but we are not confirmed. Without confirmation, we cannot enter into someone else privacy, and thus our confusion prolongs.

However, as with the evolution in technology and software development, we have come with the latest tool for your help. Yes, now you can know whether that person was related to you or not with the help of this amazing tool that will help you reveal a hidden profile picture.

This will lead you to connect with your old friends and your loved ones in an exciting way. A wrong person will not confuse you, and thus, you will not send them any request. It will enhance your experience of using Facebook from a new point of view.

Coming across, you might be confused about whether this tool will be good or not, is it safe and genuine, and many other questions that might stop you from trusting our tool. Therefore, to help you understand the features and the importance of this online private Facebook profile-revealing tool, here are the pros and cons when using our tool to view private Facebook profiles.

Pros of using our online private Facebook profile revealing tool

This remarkable tool is full of many benefits that you can gain from it. So some of them are listed below:

Find loved ones: This fantastic tool will help you find friends you have had no contact with since high school. Finding such old and true friends can be a chance you will get once in life. You can also find your relatives that live far away from you, and it is hard to contact them.

Real friends only: With the help of this tool, you will be able to add only your real friends to your friend list. It will help you reveal the entire fake IDs present in your list, and thus you can simply unfriend them and get rid of the stalkers.

Followers’ friends: Because of your high privacy on Facebook, many of your friends cannot send you requests, and therefore, they are following you on Facebook. Thus, with the help of this tool, you can easily find the friends that have followed you and add them to your friend’s list.

Sharing: Now you have found your old friends and family members, and it will be fun sharing stuff with them. You can post your beautiful memories and tag them. Thus, this tool will help you reveal your friends and provide you with a chance to relive the old and fun memories once again.

Cons of using the online private Facebook profile revealing tool

Nothing is perfect in this world. Everything beneficial for you will surely have some drawbacks as well. Here are a few disadvantages that you will have to face because of this tool:

Check the profile can be time-consuming: Although the tool acts very fast, looking through many people’s profiles might take a lot of your time. You just check the profile of the person you might think you are related to and do not waste your time on others.

Your boss might find out: Your boss is also a citizen of the modern world. He might set an employee to check the profiles of each one of the workers. It might cause you trouble because of the pictures of the party on the day you were on sick leave. It sounds funny, but it might happen.

Accessibility: Being the citizen of the modern world full of technology and undergoing continuous evolution, we are well aware that an online tool or website that is not device friendly is not successful. Therefore, we have used specific coding and mixed it with the responsive web design that has made the device accessible on all the devices.

So now, for finding hidden photos of your friends on Facebook, you do not have to open your desktop or laptop especially. All you have to do is access the tool from your Smartphone or any other smart device, and it will provide you with quick results.

Thus, this tool will help you find your friends anywhere and anytime you want. You will require an internet connection, and therefore, an online tool will fulfill your requirements. Thus, we are proud to say that our online tool is one step ahead for us into the future of development and technology.

Why do people love our Facebook Picture Viewer tool?

Apart from all the benefits stated above, this online tool has provided reasons for people to use it more often. Following are some of the few reasons that have attracted people to this amazing tool:

PrivateProfilevewer.Net is an online application so that you can use on any device

Online Application

Our Facebook private profile viewer tool is accessible to all devices, whether Desktop, Mobile, or Tablet. With the perfect responsive web design, all you need is proper net connectivity, and you are good to go. Our tool can use on any day or night. We have developed this tool for the people of all the states, and thus, regardless of the time zone, you can get beneficial results from this tool 24 hours a day and seven days a week. It will have no downtime, or we will not shut it down at any time of the day, so it is available for the users all the time.

PrivateProfilevewer.Net is an online application so that your devices can stay safe when using it.

High Security

We have used all the genuine codes and methods to develop this tool, so it will not cause any malware transfer. Additionally, Our tool uses advanced security measures that make your information private and safe — and continuously updated and monitored. Our technicians are also working day in and day out to make it possible that it is safe from hackers. If they achieve this goal, this tool will be no threat to the users. Because when hackers cannot cause any disruption, there will be no virus.

Our App will help you view locked profile pictures of a private Facebook account in just a few minutes.

Fast Results

The best thing about this tool is that you will be provided with quick and fast results. It will give you quick access to all the private Facebook profiles that you need to view. You will not have to wait to get the results. It usually takes only a few minutes from start to finish it. Once you paste the URL of the private FB profile or Facebook group and enter with the blink of an eye, you will be on that person's profile or private group and see all private information. Therefore, it will not waste any of your precious time.

No matter you want to view a private Facebook account or reveal all member's comments have posted in a private Facebook group, our tool can help you do these things.

Unlimited Results​

This tool is so powerful that it can reveal any private profile picture or Facebook group you want to view by extracting its information from the database of Facebook. No matter how strong privacy your friend or family members have utilized to secure their profile from the evil eyes. You can use our tool to reveal all locked pictures from their private profile or see what comments they post in a private Facebook group.


After testing our Facebook Locked Profile Picture Viewer tool, several people have loved it. They can view any Facebook profile, whether it is private or public. Our tool has made it possible for people to connect with long-lost friends and family members. Many of our dedicated fans say that it is one of the best things that happened to them. They have also recommended our tool to many of their other friends, and they have loved it too.

Allan Hay

This is one of the best tools as it will help you view private Facebook photos, and you can check as many private Facebook profiles as you like because there are no restrictions in the online tool.


Christopher Cintron

The tool is very easy to use. You just need to enter a Facebook ID of the locked profile that you want to view in the relevant field. And it will instantly show you the locked photos of that private profiles. This tool is awesome.


Jennifer Garrett

You can use this tool to view hidden photos and videos posted to the locked profile. So basically, you can use this tool to view private details of other people's profiles without affecting their security.


Janice Patterson

This is a great app for seeing a private profile. I feel much more comfortable now that I have a new way of seeing locked profile pictures on private Facebook accounts. I am so glad I found this app, it has really helped me a lot.


Brenda Coles

I have been using this app for a while and it has really helped me reveal all members in a private Facebook group. This is the best Facebook spying app I have ever used. This application is really simple to use, and I like that.


Robert Karns

I used this spying tool to find out what are comments my kid has posted in a private Facebook group. I liked this website because I could see everything my kids have posted on their Facebook profiles or private Facebook group.




We have the best group of coders who have worked day in and day out to develop this online tool. To turn our idea to make it possible for you to view private Facebook profiles, we have collaborated with the most experienced and skilled group of people. Our teams consist of software developers, web designers, and technicians and all these members have a minimum of 10 years of experience in their field. Developing the tool was not an easy process, and the team had to face many failures and errors in the prototype. At last, We made it possible for you to view a locked profile on Facebook with ease. Our team did not just rest there as now there was time to face the critics, so We tested the online tool several times. We tested each element of this tool so that there would be no chance of it as a fraud. Therefore, you must meet our talented team.





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